How Will I Benefit Through My Business Having A Mobile Application?

More and more businesses are joining the mobile revolution in Ireland and investing in a mobile application for their business. There are now more mobile devices on the planet than people! Even my Dad who incidentally has just turned 70 is surfing the internet and using a number of mobile applications on his smartphone, daily! My point: Of the vast number of mobile users in Ireland and all over the planet, it’s not just young hipsters who are using their smartphones to interact with businesses through their mobile devices and more and more of these people, be they prospects, your existing customers or your father are doing this using mobile applications.

So! How can I, my business and most importantly my customers benefit from having a mobile application?
Here are some of the main benefits:

  • You can earn money for your business through an app by placing in app offers and enabling customers to purchase goods or services within the app effectively creating another stream of income for your business. Within your own app you can direct customers to your offers and services and set your own agenda therefore you’re not competing with other businesses for your customers’ attention.

  • Your business can provide better customer support through an app with features like tap-to-call where customers can call you directly from the app, call-back request and SMS contact. Your customers can easily book appointments or make reservations through the app, usually done in a few clicks. You can provide directions to your business to customers while on the go! All help to increase customer engagement and make it easier for them to contact you.

  • You can easily scale your customer service through the apps new channels of communication and deliver your product directly to your customer within an app which invariably makes it easier for customers to do business with you and helps to increases customer retention.

  • Keep customers up to date 24/7 with push notifications, these notifications are similar to text messages and can be sent out to every customer that has your app installed, whenever you choose, which is a huge saving on advertising! Push notifications don’t cost anything to send to your customers once they have your app installed and *a high percentage of customers will actually read a push notification!

  • Your business is at your customers’ fingertips 24/7 which invariably helps to increase customer loyalty.

  • You can implement a customer loyalty program within your app through which you can reward your customers with discounts or freebies for purchases of goods and services.

  • A mobile application is a piece of media advertising that you can repeatedly use to market to your customers and can therefore reduce your marketing costs. A mobile application is essentially your brand in your customer’s pocket!

  • A mobile application increases your brand awareness, it is like a blank canvas! You can pretty much do what you want on it! You can create and promote offers your customers will love and interact with and as customers frequently interact with your app they are more likely to continue buying your goods and services!

  • Having a mobile app shows that your business is forward thinking and sets your business apart from the competition!

  • Through customised forms in an app your business can learn more about your customers. You can gather useful data about your customers through their location, job roles, ages, spending limits etc. This unique method of gathering customer data will enable your business to effectively communicate with them and tailor your businesses offers to their wants and needs.

  • Your business can also get customer feedback through customised feedback forms within an app that will enable you to learn how customers use your products, what they like(or dislike) which will enable your business to improve on what you’re doing and help you grow your business in the process.

  • You are more likely to get referrals from existing customers within your community through the referral features in an app. Existing customers can share your app and business contact information through 1 or 2 taps within an app via social media, email and SMS! Referrals are a huge part of any business and if you’re not actively asking for referrals through your online marketing you are leaving significant money on the table! A mobile application makes getting referrals from existing customers easy!

"*60% of customers read mobile app push notifications and 40% of those interact with the app immediately after opening a push notification!"


60% Of Customers Read Mobile App Push Notifications!


40% Interact With The App Immediately After Opening A Push Notification!

When your business has a mobile application, you can reach a new customer base through the Android and Apple app stores. Let me explain, when mobile application users install an app they are presented with a list of “Users Who Installed This App Also Installed The Following Apps”, this list of apps are often related by location and a number of other factors. An example would be if I liked to watch a good film at the local cinema(if you’re not Irish that’s what we call a movie), I may decide to install my local cinema app and when I do this I will be presented with a list of apps that users who installed my local cinema app ALSO installed. This is important as mobile app users will often install a number of apps for a particular area, so for this reason I will be offered the option to ALSO install the local coffee shop app, the local restaurant app and the local dentist app. It is in this list of related apps that your business can piggyback on, giving you access to potentially thousands of new customers!

IF, your business has a mobile application.

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